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Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Chou Base review

Dear Beauty Diary,
Today I have one of the cutest products ever to review. The super famous, popular and loved Etude House Baby Chou Base from its Sweet Recipe line! :) Sad fact is that the super awesome Sweet Recipe line is limited edition, and many of their products are sold out. However, I managed to get my hands on the Baby Chou Base, so here's my review on it. Shade 1 is Mint Choux, which is green and is meant for toning down reddish skin. Shade 2 is Berry Choux, which is meant for brightening pale skin tones. I got shade 3 in Peach Choux, which is meant for brightening tan skin tones.

Can you resist the super elegant and princess-y jar?

Lots of effort is put into making the cream, look at the detailed swirling of the cream

Good news, people! I got 2 of these baby choux bases, and one of them is totally new. I'm clearing my drawer now, and I honestly don't need so many products, so I am willing to let go of my new baby choux base. Original price: $22.90 ($18.01 USD). I'll be selling it for $13.00 ($10.25 USD). Interested? Drop me an email or comment! My email is, or You can visit my blogshop (beautyandmysunglasses3.blogspot) for more beauty products on sale.

So the Baby Chou Base is a makeup primer/base that contains SPF25. It comes in 25ml and costs $22.90 ($18.01 USD). I feel that that is a little little bit on the expensive side, I thought this would be less than $20. But its pretty much worth it, because you only need a super tiny pea sized amount to cover your entire face with this cream.

Product description (its a really cute product description!):
This light and fluffy choux cream - like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside and soft smoothness on the outside.
<Recipe for Baby Choux Skin>
You need... Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 Spoon of Moisture, 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness
[Directions] Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion.

I must admit that even though the jar is super cute, I don't like the packaging. The choux cream is stored in a jar, and can spill really easily or get contaminated easily. Contaminated makeup or skincare will worsen the condition of your skin, so that's a downside to the jar packaging of the Baby Choux Base.

The choux cream has a runny yet creamy texture. It looks creamy, but when you dab your finger in the cream, its very runny. Its also super easy to blend, due to its very light texture.

After a few applications, the runny texture of the choux cream

blended out choux cream. Can't really see the difference on camera. The centre of my hand, with the slight white cast, is where I applied the choux cream.

However, I found this cream a bit on the oily side. Not very heavy or oily or greasy, but just a little oily. But I'm fine with that, as oily creams usually provide more moisture. This cream did not suck away the moisture from my face, nor did it leave me with more pimples. So good job on the cream's part. Even though its a little oily, it wears very comfortably on my skin. Its super lightweight and you won't notice its there when worn alone. I assume that all skin types will be able to use this cream. If its fine for my oily skin, it should be great too on dry skin.

I'm sorry, many people like the scent of these baby choux and says it smells like peaches, strawberries etc, but I personally don't like it... It smells like strong chlorinated swimming pool water. >.< But the scent does not linger on your face for long, so it should be fine after a while. For those that cannot stand not so nice smelling products, please bear with it for the first few minutes as this choux cream is super awesome and you wouldn't want to miss out on that awesomeness.

As for application of the choux cream, I apply a super small amount, so the results are as natural as possible. And I blend everything out. Results: my face looks a lot healthier. It is not very much brighter or more radiant, because I don't apply a lot of the cream. I look like myself with a healthy glow from within. Applying too much will also leave you looking very pale and washed out. I don't suggest those with tan skin tones to apply too much, as the cream will look very pasty.

The choux cream can be worn alone, and it gives very slight coverage, so those with good skin can wear this alone. The cream lasts for about 5 hours before it starts to slip and slide a little on your face. BB or CC cream or foundation paired with it looks even better. This is because the choux cream creates a super smooth and "poreless" canvas for BB cream. Results are also more natural than just wearing a BB cream, CC cream or foundation alone.

I realised that many people complain of a white sheen on your face when you use flash? Its because this choux cream contains SPF, and SPF creates a white sheen on your face with flash photography. Every product with SPF leaves a white sheen on your face. That's the downside of products with SPF...

This choux cream works very well with my BB cream. Or maybe they were made to complement each other, as my BB cream is also from Etude House. The baby choux creates a very nice, smooth and healthy face. The BB cream looks really good with the base, and it doesn't smear off as easily as it would without the baby choux. Extra sun protection from the baby choux too, who doesn't want it? ^_^

Tried it? Share your thoughts!

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