Sunday, 2 June 2013

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have decided to start this blog with a review of one of my favourite brands of all time, Etude House. I am going to review the lip balm in Etude House's latest launch, Dear Girls. I have very dry, chapped lips, and I used to ignore them until recently, and I decided to get a good lip balm. After some research, I found out that many people love Etude House's lip balms. As I live in Asia, there are a few Etude House outlets near my house. I popped in to the nearest one.

These lip balms have 3 different formulas. The first one is called Full Nutrition, the second is Smooth and Moist, and the third is Shiny Crystal. Apparently the first balm is packed full of nutrients and is the most nutritious of all 3; they must have a reason for naming it Full Nutrition. It is just a clear balm that is free of any colour pigments. Smooth and Moist is in a transparent coral shade, while Shiny Crystal is in a transparent pink shade. Wait, I just contradicted myself. What i mean is that the balm looks coral/pink in the tin, but when i swatched it on my hand, it appears transparent. Hmm.

Even though the second and third formulas look prettier and more colourful, i decided to get the first one, as my lips need all the help they can get. My oh my, the formula is amazing. It is so moisturising, and the balm actually stays on my lips for around an hour. My lips just feel so soft, and it doesn't dry up or crack as often with the use of this balm. The salesgirl at Etude House also told me that if I apply a thick layer of the balm on my lips before i go to bed, the balm will act as a lip mask. However, this is only for the balm in the first formula.

When you sniff at the balm directly from the tin, it has a sharp and strong lemon-citrus scent. It has no taste though. As for the texture of the balm, its very smooth, but also quite sticky. Its also very glossy, but it has no shimmer pigments in it.

I used my phone to take the pictures, so sorry for the quality. >.<

See that little niche in the corner? Its my first swipe of the balm.

Swatch of the balm. Its really just a clear transparent balm.

Blotter paper test! Oil content of the balm, shows how moisturising the balm is.

This comes in a tin, and I know that many people do not like dipping their fingers into tin balms. I understand, I don't like that idea too. I simply use a cotton bud to scoop up some balm, dab it on my lips, then use the cotton bud to smooth it evenly. And then I use the other side of my cotton bud to scoop up some hand cream. The hand cream is also from Etude House (it comes in a container too), I'll be reviewing it soon. :)

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm costs $8.00 ($6.40 USD) for 9g, which is a lot of product. Other stick balms only have around 3g or 3.5g, and also cost around that price. So Etude House's lip balm is very affordable! I'm heading down to an Etude House outlet to get a backup for this balm soon, everything is worth it for this little tin of balm awesomeness. ^_^

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