Thursday, 27 June 2013

Za Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I am going to review one of the best moisturizers for those with oily skin. The Za Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer! This is one dewy moisturizer. Haha. The moisturizer is also available in 3 other formulas, one in milky for combination-dry skin and one in rich for very dry skin. Dewy, as you can guess, is for oily skin. However, I have totally no idea how the milky and rich perform, so my review is only for the dewy formula. I have oily skin and have been searching for a water based moisturizer, so when I came upon the Za one, I immediately thought I need this.

Pearly pink design, simple and chic :)

Ok to be truthful, I forgot how much I got this for. I got it on sale at around $10 ($7.88 USD). The original price is around $13 ($10.24 USD). It has 150ml, so it will last you for a long time. Its very affordable, definitely check this moisturizer out if you're a little short on money. It is one decent moisturizer, it definitely exceeded what I expected of it.

Product description:
This moisturizer relieves stickiness and thoroughly replenishes moisture to give the skin a clarified glow and vibrancy.
Light and refreshing texture
For skin that tends to feel sticky
Amino Mineral Complex
Sebum-holding Powder
Prism Enhancer
Vitamin B Derivative
Dermatologist-tested. Non-clogging to pores.

Hole in the cap is quite big, have to be careful not to pour too much

I'm not sure what the product description means by relieving stickiness, as I don't have sticky skin and I don't know if people can naturally get sticky skin... Anyway, this is one decent moisturizer for those with oily skin.

Yes this moisturizer is water based, which means it is less likely to clog your pores. But even though its water based, its watery but also not too watery. I don't know how to describe this, but once you feel the texture of it, you'll understand. Take note that its water based, not gel based. The water content is just right for the moisture I need. It feels very light, cool and refreshing on my face, and you only need two drops of it to keep your face nicely hydrated.


After spreading out the dewy moisturizer

The moisturizer also absorbs really quickly into your skin, and gives your face a healthy glow after application. I don't know what's up with Za, but I love their products as they all give your face a super healthy glow! This glow is not shiny or oily or greasy. Its a radiant glow that I love. I'm sure many people will adore these type of products as well. This moisturizer does not dry me out, nor does it result in flaky skin. It keeps my face well hydrated, and delivers immediate results.

When sniffed from the bottle, this moisturizer smells strongly like alcohol. But after you get pass this smell, you'll find that it smells very floral. Its a nice smell, don't worry.

Now, I know that finding moisturizers for those with oily skin is a chore, and many of my friends with oily skin skip out on moisturizer. Whenever they lament about moisturizers to me, I will recommend the Za Total Hydration Dewy Moisturizer to them, as its that good. Its a decent moisturizer, why not give it a try? :)

Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I'm going to review a cleansing cream today. Its from Etude House. The cream looks really cute, so plus points for that. So what does a cleansing cream do? It acts as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer. Take note that its a cream, so its quite moisturizing. This cream is available in 3 formulas - milk tea, lemon tea and aloe tea. I got the aloe tea one because I wanted a soothing makeup remover. I guess milk tea is for those with dry skin, while lemon is for detoxifying and aloe for those with sensitive skin.

Take a look!

Looks like a cute mug ^_^

Look at the cute cover~ ^_^ I love teapots~

Product description:
Cleansing cream's creamy texture contains Aloe extract to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized with pleasant fragrance of tea.
[Directions] Apply cream to all areas of face. Massage thoroughly and wipe clean with cleansing tissues or rinse with warm water to remove excess.

I use this cream as a makeup remover, because I don't like the cleansing properties of this cream. So first up, I shall be talking about the makeup removing part of this cream. I think it does a good job of removing makeup. To clarify, this cream can be applied on a wet or dry face. Its your choice. But I prefer using it on a wet face, as its easier to massage like that, and I feel that it removes my makeup better. Next, the cream can either be wiped off using tissues or rinsed off. I prefer rinsing off, as I don't like the feeling I get after wiping off. Its a slight tingling and itchy feeling.

Here is how I remove my makeup with this cream.
1. I rinse my face with water
2. I apply thick blobs of cream onto my cheeks, chin and forehead.
3. I spread the cream out using my fingers and massage it for a minute (one full minute or more, makeup removers take time to be activated)
4. I close my eyes when doing this, as when the cream gets into your eyes, it stings badly
5. Rinse everything off

Just relax and enjoy when you are massaging your face with the cream. This relaxes your face muscles after a long, tiring day and all the makeup gets removed. Cool huh?

Now on to the cleansing properties. I don't like using this cream as a cleanser, as it does not leave my face feeling clean. However, I think its because the cream is very moisturising, so it moisturises more than it cleanses? I recommend this cleansing cream to those who have dry skin, as it really moisturises your face while cleansing and removing makeup. After all, the more moisture the merrier. However, as I have oily skin, I prefer having a squeaky clean face after cleansing. I always use my foam cleanser to cleanse my face after using this cleansing cream.

Huge amount of pure, white cream. Looks so yummy! :)

Swatch, the cream feels very soft.

The cream is very gentle on your face, and its very very moisturising. The aloe tea one that I own does not smell like aloe vera at all, but its still a pleasant scent. I can't remember what scent this reminds me of... Anyway, I took a sniff at all the 3 different creams at the Etude House store, and milk tea smells the best. Its a very sweet smell, I'm sure everyone will like it. :)

Etude House is ever as generous with their products, and there is 180ml of cream in this cute mug! That's a lot of product for a cleanser-makeup remover. Best thing is, the cream costs only $7.90 ($6.22 USD). I love this cream, and its a must buy item for me. Its very soothing on my face, and I love how this cream feels when I am using it to massage my face. I simply prefer using a cleansing cream as a makeup remover to a liquid-watery based makeup remover. Those liquid kinds don't allow me to massage my face properly to remove my makeup.

Tried it? Share your thoughts! :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Za Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I'm going to review one of the most famous products from the Za skincare line. Many of you may not have heard of Za, so here's a little background story. Za is a drugstore brand, and their products can be found in most Watsons stores. They are very famous for their 2-way compact foundation, and I personally love it! Its the best compact foundation I've ever tried. Its so soft and the powder so fine, and gives amazing coverage. Ok maybe I'll do a review on it if I have time in the future. Or if you are interested in it, just drop a comment below and I'll do a review.

Now back to topic. Za has many skin care lines, targeting whitening, anti-aging, hydration, etc. I think their Total Hydration line is the most famous. All the products in this line are in a girly pearly pink shade, and I find the products very attractive. Plus its quite affordable too. I picked up the Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel for only $10.90 ($8.55 USD). The gel comes in a set, and there are a total of 2 sets to choose from. The first set comes with a free Deep Moist cream, and the next comes with a free 30ml Fresh cleanser. Since I have oily skin, I chose the second set.

This Gel is raved about, and has appeared in magazines and has even been featured in a Japanese best beauty buys website. So I bought it to try it out.

Here are some thoughts!

Packaging wise, the gel comes in a regular squeeze tube, design is simple but chic.

Product description:
This gel minimizes stickiness and thoroughly replenishes moisture to give the skin a clarified glow and vibrancy.
Spreads effortlessly with a dewy, pleasant sensation to form a water veil that instantly restores, flaky, sticky skin.
For skin that tends to feel: flaky yet greasy.
Clarified Radiance Complex
Amino-Mineral Complex
Sebum-holding Powder
Prism Enhancer
Dermatologist-tested. Non-clogging to pores.

This gel is supposed to be used as the last step of your skincare routine after moisturizer. I don't have flaky or sticky skin, so I can't vouch that the gel can restore flaky, sticky skin. As for the extra moisture part, I don't think it actually gives extra moisture, but it does a splendid job of locking in all your previous skincare products that you applied, so that it won't slip or slide off your face. On the Za blog, it says that the gel will sink in within 10 seconds, but I don't think it totally sinks in. I apply it on at night before I go to bed, but the next morning when I cleanse my face, I can still feel that dewy, smooth texture of the gel on me. Hmm. At least it works really well with my other skincare products and let them sink into my skin better.

This gel feels exactly like a gel. Its supposed to be a gel anyway. Its not very watery, it holds its texture very well. After pinching the gel between my index finger and thumb a few times, the gel still holds together.

This gel smells like any other product in the Za Total Hydration line. It has a strong, sweet floral smell when you sniff it from the tube. But after applying it on my face, it smells like rubbery plasticine, sighs. At least it smells nice from the tube. By the way, this plasticine smell only applies for the gel, as the other Za Total Hydration products do not have this smell. 

This gel has an ok amount of 50ml. Its just right, not too much or little. However, it can last for such a long time! I've been using it since around March.

Wrapping up, I think this gel does not really provide moisture or improve the condition of your skin, but it has a really nice texture and retains in your moisturizer really well. After applying this gel, my face looks really fresh and dewy, nicely prepped for foundation or BB cream. After applying BB cream, my face looks very healthy and radiant, and I know its the result of the Za gel, as my moisturizer alone cannot achieve such results. From everything I've written about so far, I feel that this gel works very much like a sleeping pack, since it helps seal everything in your skin. Well then, this makes the Za Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel a super affordable and great sleeping pack! I myself use it like a sleeping pack, in fact.

I am most impressed with the fact that this gel can retain my moisturizer that well, and gives my face an extra healthy and dewy glow. ^_^

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Etude House I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have a mist review today. You guessed it, its from Etude House. This mist is available in 3 different formulas. Canola Honey gives moisture, Essential Flower gives brightening, and Pure Green Tea is for sebum control. I have combination oily to dry skin, but I don't like buying stuff that is specially made for controlling oil. I prefer buying stuff that gives me moisture. Next, Green Tea is fairly easy to make, and I apply a self-made green tea mask once a week. So I got the Canola Honey one.

Take a look!

Product description:
This deep moisture mist provides instant hydrating relief to skin, locking in long-lasting vital moisture.
With ingredients that strengthen skin's natural vitality, this mist helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.
Contains 81.9% of Honey Extract that delivers deep, rich moisture and nourishment to skin.
[Directions] Frequently spray evenly onto face whenever skin care is needed.
Leave at least a 20cm distance from face when spraying.

I prefer to spray at a much closer distance. Say around 5cm. Then I pat the mist into my face. I feel that I get more moisture like that. The mist leaves a slightly sticky feeling behind, but this is much better than having a greasy feeling. It feels very refreshing and light on my skin, leaving a cool feeling behind and nicely prepping it for moisturizer.

The salesgirl at Etude House also told me that this mist is a toner and moisturizer all in one. How cool is that? So if you want to save money, you can just buy this instead of buying a toner plus moisturizer. Hahaha. This mist comes in a huge size of 150ml, and only costs $18 ($14.12 USD). But I've already bought a toner and moisturizer before hand, so I use this mist after toner and before moisturizer. On those busy days where I have no time for skin care, I simply spritz this on after cleansing. After all, its supposed to be an all in one product. ^_^

However, I don't suggest using this mist to set your makeup. I think this mist was made more for skin care, so even though this is a fine mist, one pump delivers quite a good amount. Your makeup may slip and slide when you spray too much of this mist. Best to use during skin care.

This mist is also pretty concentrated. The product description says it has 81.9% of honey extract. I did a test and sprayed this mist onto my hand. Among the clear watery solution, I see a collection of light powdery flower extract in the middle. So Etude House does not lie. I can't take a photo of it, as the powdery substance does not show on camera.

Due to its strong concentration, I can smell a very slight natural fragrant flower smell in it. I don't know what flower this smells like, but it has a flowery scent. Maybe its canola honey, just like what Etude House named this mist.

This mist is also organic, as it has a stamp called "7 Free". These 7 harmful chemicals are used in most skincare products, as they are cheap solvents or cheap preservatives. I don't know what these 7 chemicals are, as they are listed in Korean on the packaging. However, its always a plus to have organic products.

Overall, I am very happy to have picked up this mist. Its so easy to use, and has done whatever it claims to do. Its for a decent price too, considering how well it has done its job and how much product there is in this bottle. Do try it, this mist is a nice one to have in your skin care collection. ^_^

Highly recommended and approved! ^_^

Friday, 14 June 2013

Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Cotton Fit review

Dear Beauty Diary,
Etude House has been famous for many reasons, but I think their BB creams play a big factor in making Etude House what it is today. Etude House has many BB creams, and their latest one is in Cotton Fit, designed to feel as soft and light as cotton on your skin in this hot summery weather. I got it at an affordable price of $25.90 ($20.71 USD). Plus point is that this BB cream has SPF30, and has 60ml worth of BB product. I find it troublesome to apply sunscreen, so with SPF built in Etude House's BB cream, you can save money and time by not applying sunscreen. Many BB creams come in miserable sizes of 15-25ml, and they costs around the same price or more. And yet they do not deliver spectacular results.

There are a total of 3 shades for this BB cream - light beige, natural beige and honey beige. I got honey beige, as many Etude House face products are targeted at very fair skinned people. Etude House is as hygienic as ever, and their famous pumps appear yet again in this BB cream.

I transferred the BB cream into this little container, as I want to carry it around with me. I want my bag to be as light as possible. :)

Product description:
This all-day pearly bright skin BB Cream perfectly glides onto skin providing clear and bright complexion with a smooth, cotton-like powdery finish for flawless skin.
It has UV protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.
Its also a mineral BB cream, without parabens and some of those harmful stuff.

A little goes a long way, I only need one pump for my whole face. I mean, I don't want to pile my face with foundation or BB cream in this hot weather. I live in the tropics, so its hot everyday in the whole year. I apply BB cream the bubzbeauty way. (I love her!) I apply one pump or half a pump onto my palm, rub together for 3 seconds, clap 4 times, then even it out on my face.

I realise that this BB cream has a foundation like consistency. This BB cream has medium to full coverage, but I think it depends, especially via the way you apply it. For me, it has sheer and light coverage, as I apply it via the bubzbeauty way. If you want more coverage, just build it up, and it'll still look natural on your face.

What I really like about this BB cream is that its more water-based that cream-based. I personally do not like to apply cream based products to my face. I have oily skin and creamy stuff will just clog up my pores. There is no particular scent to this BB cream. I just feel that it smells like any other normal liquid foundation.

This BB cream is supposed to be matte, as can be seen from the product description. I think its more of a normal BB cream, its not matte nor is it dewy, it just shows your natural skin condition. My face looks a little dewy with this BB cream on, as I have oily skin. I suggest dusting a light layer of loose translucent powder on to keep the shine at bay.

This BB cream has good wear time, so there is no need for touch ups. And yes, this BB cream is moisturising, and does a good job of covering up blemishes like redness and pimples. Oh, this BB cream does not appear grey and ashy if you apply too much, so building up is much more comfortable. Its really easy to blend too.

Overall, this BB cream is a better than average BB cream, but not one of the best out there. To give it credit, I also feel that its much better than many other BB creams, which have an ashy undertone, or makes your skin look too white, or has such a jelly-consistency that is hard to blend. Mineral products are always a plus too.

Looking for an affordable and good BB cream? Try Etude House's Precious Mineral Cotton Fit!

Which do you prefer, Etude House's BB or CC cream?

Leave me a comment, share your thoughts. :)

Skin Food Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have been using the Skin Food Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam for quite some time now. Before that, I was using Biore Marshmallow Whip Foam facial cleanser. What's up with all these foam cleansers? I absolutely love them. They actually clean pores much better than normal cleansers or hand lathered foam cleansers. With normal cleansers, skin feels very tight after that, and you get a false impression, thinking that your skin is squeaky clean. Foam cleansers do not give the same squeaky clean feeling, but because the foam bubbles are so small (they are smaller than normal pores), the bubbles reach into your skin to thoroughly clean your pores. You may not feel it, but this results in happier and cleaner skin! :)

Skin Food's cleanser has green tea in it. As we all know, green tea is a great anti-oxidant. Thus this cleanser is great if you have acne. I bought it happily at that time.

Product description:
Green Tea not only gives plenty of moistures but also brightens your skin. This Green Tea product gently exfoliates and removes unwanted dead skin. Also it improves skin tone, gives it a healthy glow and skin as soft as silk.

Well yes, this cleanser does its job, it cleanses my pores. But its quite pricey for $25 ($19.96 USD). It has 160ml of product, which is quite a lot of product. To be honest, I am quite disappointed with this product, as I thought that such a price will deliver a good product. However... This is one harsh cleanser.

I close my eyes when cleansing, as I find it hard to maneuver around my eyes if I keep them open. Even though I close my eyes, after rinsing off the cleanser, my eyes still sting. They sting like crazy. I've even tried scrunching up my eyes while cleansing. I've also tried rinsing off thoroughly, such as rinsing at least 5 times before patting dry. But my eyes still sting. I don't know how the product even got into my eyes.

This cleanser smells quite floral. Look at that pump. It is quite badly designed. I can't get the foam onto my hands easily. I can only pump the foam to the side of my palm. Sighs. Now I'm just waiting to finish up this cleanser. After that I'll happily move back to my Biore Marshmallow Whip foam cleanser.

Etude House Missing U I can fly (hand cream) review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I am back with another review on an Etude House product. Look at this little bird, you'll never guess it holds hand cream inside. I love yellow, that's why I got the Eastern Grass Owl in Peach Peach Peach scent. ^_^ This hand cream was going for as low as $5 online, but I still prefer to head down to an Etude House store to buy the products. Its called instant gratification and its not so good. >.< But I can't help it, I just prefer it like that. :P Of course there are prices to pay when you shop at an Etude House store. I don't live in Korea, so all the stuff here are not at retail price. I paid $10.90 ($8.71 USD) for this little bird.

The bird is made of plastic, and it about the size of your palm. No worries about the hand cream leaking or spilling, as the bird container is made of plastic and is very sturdy. It won't topple over too. This hand cream is really interesting, as it has a gel like texture. Its very lightweight and absorbs into your hands quickly. Leaves no greasy and oily feeling behind as a result. The scent is really really nice too, the peach one is really sweet, and whenever I smell it, I feel happy and calm and relaxed. Its one of the nicest smells I've ever come across.

The hand cream was so lovable, I went straight back to Etude House and got another one. So that my dear Eastern Grass Owl won't feel lonely sitting on my desk alone. He needs a friend. So I picked up a she friend for him. ^_^ I got the pink one, Eagle Owl, in Very Berry Cherry scent. Take a look for yourselves, don't they look so cute together? Oh my goodness, I just realised that Eagle Owl and Eastern Grass Owl are looking at each other. Look at their eyes. ^_^

Now moving on to the review on Eagle Owl. She smells more like an ordinary everyday floral soap to me. I still prefer the scent of Eastern Grass Owl. Except for the scent and design, everything else about Eagle Owl is the same as Eastern Grass Owl. Another subtle difference I noticed is the colour of the hand cream. Eagle Owl is this milky-light lavender colour, while Eastern Grass Owl is a milky-light orange colour.

Product description of Eastern Grass Owl:

Formulated with Shea Butter and Herb Water rich in certified organic nutrients, this eco-friendly hand cream not only moisturizes dry hands, but also helps to save our endangered flying friends.

Story of Eastern Grass Owl:
Hi! I'm Eastern Grass Owl, the best night hunter with a pretty heart-shaped face mask. I utilize my features like high tech equipment, so I can hunt very well even in dense forests at night. However, I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult with lesser natural areas. Please help me to fly freely again!

Product description of Eagle Owl is the same as with Eastern Grass Owl.

Story of Eagle Owl:
Hi! I am Eagle Owl, the great night bird! I like to hunt during night time, with my big eyes lit as headlights. I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult in bright city nights. Please help me to fly freely again!

Best thing, these hand creams are free from parabens, Sulfate, Ethanol and Mineral Oil. Specially made for those who are health conscious. I too am pretty health conscious. Like I shared earlier in my Dear Girls lip balm review, I use the other end of my cotton bud to sweep into this hand cream to prevent contamination.

These are really good everyday hand creams, they feel so light and yet moisturising. There's only 30ml in each bird though. Well, I wouldn't mind buying more, as these birds look so adorable. Etude House also donates a sum from the sales made of these hand creams to an animal protection organisation. :)

Etude House CC Cream review

Dear beauty diary,
I finally brought myself to buy Etude House's CC Cream. I really wanted to try out The Face Shop's CC cream as I've read many good reviews on it, but its priced at $49 ($39.17 USD) for only 20ml, which is really out of my budget. I don't wear makeup that often, so i decided to get a good and affordable CC cream. It has more skincare benefits that a BB cream, however, it does not have as heavy a coverage as a BB cream.

At first I was really excited about this CC cream, as I always trust Etude House. I have this weird habit of getting one or two samples of the product I buy. Then I'll try on the samples, and if I don't like it, I'll go exchange the product. But I've only exchanged one product before. Sadly, its the Etude House CC cream. Ok I'll go into details about the CC cream now.

At the shop, I tried on both formulas, the Glow and Silky. Glow is much creamier, and it takes a much longer time than Silky to blend out. So I got Silky. Etude House gives really good samples with lots of product in them. Each sample can last me for about 3 applications. So I wore Silky for 3 days, but I still found nothing to like about this CC cream.

The CC cream is white, as with most CC creams, and will blend to your skin tone with time. However, this CC cream is meant for really fair skin, as it looked really white on my skin. I know I am not applying too much, as I managed to use the sample for 3 whole days. To be fair, the CC cream did oxidise to become a darker colour. I guess this was the CC cream's effort match my skin tone. I have skin that's somewhere around normal to tan. But the CC cream could not blend to my skin tone fully, it still appeared peachy white on my skin.

And next, this CC cream is not hydrating at all. It made my face feel really itchy and dry, and I don't fancy such products. This has no smell too. I was quite surprised here, as most of Etude House's products have a really sweet and delicious smell. This cream comes in a pump, which is pretty hygienic. And like most of Etude House's products, this cream is pretty affordable. Its $25.90 ($20.71 USD) for 35ml. It also has SPF30.

That's all for my review on Etude House's CC cream. I found it quite disappointing. However, as this is Etude House's first ever CC cream, I suppose there is still room for improvement. Don't get me wrong here, I love Etude House. Its affordable, cute, of great quality... well, you get the picture. I shall be happily awaiting for the next release of Etude House's CC cream. And once it's out, I shall get it. :) I hope it'll be an improved formula.

Oh, now for what i exchanged this CC cream for. I swapped it for their latest BB cream in Cotton Fit. Its 60ml for the same price. There was also this promotion where you'll get a free mini BB cream brush when you purchase their latest BB cream. I am absolutely loving this BB cream, and I shall be reviewing it after a few more times of wearing it. :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I am here with a review from Skin Food, a famous Korean cosmetics and skincare brand! I'm going to talk about their Fresh Apple line, which is targeted at people who have oily skin and large pores. Previously, i had no idea what an emulsion was, and there was no emulsion step in my skin care routine. After some reading up, I realised how important an emulsion was. Basically, after applying emulsion, it will lock in whatever other skincare products you place on your face. Cool right? ^_^

Many people think emulsion is not necessary, as they think that toner does the same thing. No, toner simply allows your skin to absorb the other products, however, toner does not guarantee to retain in these products.

Firstly, I have good news for everyone. I am going to sell one of my bottles of Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion, for a discount. 160ml really is a lot of product, and I would like to actually try as many different skincare products as I can. If you don't already own this emulsion, you can consider buying it from me. Original price: $35.00 ($27.58 USD). The price I'm selling at: $20.00 ($15.77 USD). It'll be up on beautyandmysunglasses3.blogspot, which is my blogshop.

Moving on to the review. Skin Food's emulsion from the Fresh Apple line is the most lightweight emulsion that Skin Food has ever produced. Best of all, this emulsion is water-based. I recommend people with oily skin to use water-based moisturizers and emulsions. They are not as rich or heavy as cream/milk based moisturizers/emulsions, which will clog up your pores. This means formation of pimples. :( Water-based moisturizers/emulsions are very dewy and light, thus providing moisture but does not clog up pores, due to the huge amount of water in them. ^_^ This emulsion gets absorbed into my skin really really quickly, so you can layer your other skincare products on once you finish applying it.

This emulsion also tightens your pores. Which is very good, since oily skin usually comes with large pores. Green Apple extract and carbonated water is in this emulsion, which helps to tighten the pores. The salesgirl at the Skin Food outlet kept stressing to me how all the ingredients used are very organic, and I was so taken in by her and the wonderful Skin Food formula, I bought 2 of these bottles. Each bottle is actually 160ml, which is a lot, and can be used for a long time.

As for design, I must say that the bottle is so adorable. Its made of glass and is quite heavy. Hehe when I finish using up the bottle, I feel like washing it and using it as a water bottle. Take a look at the bottle for yourself!

Cute little design

See how dewy it is? Packed full of water and moisture

Blotter paper test! Oil content shows how moisturising it is

Ok that's all for this entry. I have another review of Skin Food coming up soon! It'll be on one of their cleansers. :) Have you tried this emulsion? Its awesome right? I really like it. :)

Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I bought the Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou a few days ago. It was on sale, so i got it for $5.45 ($4.36 USD), which i think is very affordable for such a great lip tint. I got shade number 4, in Tangerine Chou. I got to know about this product after my favourite beauty guru, Bubzbeauty (<3), raved about it. Let me say this. This is one awesome lip tint.

I was so crazy over this lip tint, I hauled many of them, and most of them are new and unopened. I'm clearing my vanity drawer, so I'm letting go of one of these lip tints! Its again in Tangerine Chou, shade 4. Now that the sale is over, one lip tint costs $10.90 ($8.59 USD). I'll be selling it for $5.00 ($3.94 USD). Interested? Drop me a comment or email! Email is, or You can visit my blogshop (beautyandmysunglasses3.blogspot) for more beauty products sales~

Moving on to the review. This tint is very watery, and the tube is quite hard to control, so too much product may come out at once. I think it is much easier to control if you apply a little tint to your finger first before gently dabbing and spreading it out on the lips. At first, the tint looked very very glossy (however, it does not contain shimmers) on my lips. After a minute or so, the tint settled in and left my lips stained with colour. It made my lips look so naturally flushed with colour. Of course, there was a slight sheen of glossiness on my lips, but after drinking some water, the gloss disappears. However, the colour remains for a good 3 hours.

Finding lip products that leave me with nice colourful lips is a chore for me, as lipsticks make my lips look artificial, and lip gloss is way too shimmery for my liking. So i sort of gave up on lip products and just wore tinted lip balm. But because Bubzbeauty raved about the Etude House lip tint, I decided that I must get it and try it for myself.

As for how moisturising this tint is, I don't have the answer for that. I have dry lips, so I cannot do without my Etude House lip balm. I always apply the balm first, followed by the tint. The tint actually penetrates through the balm and stains my lips well. I know many tints are not so good in this area. Plus points for that!

Oil content of Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou. Since its pretty oily, it should be quite moisturising.

The tint smells very strongly like a bubblegum and even tastes faintly like one too. Bubblegum fans may want to pick up one of these tints. ^_^

Oh, as for the colour, it is not tangerine. Its this bright pink yet natural colour on my lips. I know I sound contradictary, but it really looks very natural on me, even though it is a bright pink colour.

Swatch of the lip tint on paper.

Final thoughts, this lip tint makes me look so much more polished and awake. I really love it! Don't worry if this product is not available anymore, Etude House actually repackaged these cool little lip tints into their new Kissful Tint Chou, which has a cuter packaging. :)

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have decided to start this blog with a review of one of my favourite brands of all time, Etude House. I am going to review the lip balm in Etude House's latest launch, Dear Girls. I have very dry, chapped lips, and I used to ignore them until recently, and I decided to get a good lip balm. After some research, I found out that many people love Etude House's lip balms. As I live in Asia, there are a few Etude House outlets near my house. I popped in to the nearest one.

These lip balms have 3 different formulas. The first one is called Full Nutrition, the second is Smooth and Moist, and the third is Shiny Crystal. Apparently the first balm is packed full of nutrients and is the most nutritious of all 3; they must have a reason for naming it Full Nutrition. It is just a clear balm that is free of any colour pigments. Smooth and Moist is in a transparent coral shade, while Shiny Crystal is in a transparent pink shade. Wait, I just contradicted myself. What i mean is that the balm looks coral/pink in the tin, but when i swatched it on my hand, it appears transparent. Hmm.

Even though the second and third formulas look prettier and more colourful, i decided to get the first one, as my lips need all the help they can get. My oh my, the formula is amazing. It is so moisturising, and the balm actually stays on my lips for around an hour. My lips just feel so soft, and it doesn't dry up or crack as often with the use of this balm. The salesgirl at Etude House also told me that if I apply a thick layer of the balm on my lips before i go to bed, the balm will act as a lip mask. However, this is only for the balm in the first formula.

When you sniff at the balm directly from the tin, it has a sharp and strong lemon-citrus scent. It has no taste though. As for the texture of the balm, its very smooth, but also quite sticky. Its also very glossy, but it has no shimmer pigments in it.

I used my phone to take the pictures, so sorry for the quality. >.<

See that little niche in the corner? Its my first swipe of the balm.

Swatch of the balm. Its really just a clear transparent balm.

Blotter paper test! Oil content of the balm, shows how moisturising the balm is.

This comes in a tin, and I know that many people do not like dipping their fingers into tin balms. I understand, I don't like that idea too. I simply use a cotton bud to scoop up some balm, dab it on my lips, then use the cotton bud to smooth it evenly. And then I use the other side of my cotton bud to scoop up some hand cream. The hand cream is also from Etude House (it comes in a container too), I'll be reviewing it soon. :)

Etude House Dear Girls lip balm costs $8.00 ($6.40 USD) for 9g, which is a lot of product. Other stick balms only have around 3g or 3.5g, and also cost around that price. So Etude House's lip balm is very affordable! I'm heading down to an Etude House outlet to get a backup for this balm soon, everything is worth it for this little tin of balm awesomeness. ^_^