Thursday, 27 June 2013

Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I'm going to review a cleansing cream today. Its from Etude House. The cream looks really cute, so plus points for that. So what does a cleansing cream do? It acts as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer. Take note that its a cream, so its quite moisturizing. This cream is available in 3 formulas - milk tea, lemon tea and aloe tea. I got the aloe tea one because I wanted a soothing makeup remover. I guess milk tea is for those with dry skin, while lemon is for detoxifying and aloe for those with sensitive skin.

Take a look!

Looks like a cute mug ^_^

Look at the cute cover~ ^_^ I love teapots~

Product description:
Cleansing cream's creamy texture contains Aloe extract to remove dirt and makeup while keeping skin moisturized with pleasant fragrance of tea.
[Directions] Apply cream to all areas of face. Massage thoroughly and wipe clean with cleansing tissues or rinse with warm water to remove excess.

I use this cream as a makeup remover, because I don't like the cleansing properties of this cream. So first up, I shall be talking about the makeup removing part of this cream. I think it does a good job of removing makeup. To clarify, this cream can be applied on a wet or dry face. Its your choice. But I prefer using it on a wet face, as its easier to massage like that, and I feel that it removes my makeup better. Next, the cream can either be wiped off using tissues or rinsed off. I prefer rinsing off, as I don't like the feeling I get after wiping off. Its a slight tingling and itchy feeling.

Here is how I remove my makeup with this cream.
1. I rinse my face with water
2. I apply thick blobs of cream onto my cheeks, chin and forehead.
3. I spread the cream out using my fingers and massage it for a minute (one full minute or more, makeup removers take time to be activated)
4. I close my eyes when doing this, as when the cream gets into your eyes, it stings badly
5. Rinse everything off

Just relax and enjoy when you are massaging your face with the cream. This relaxes your face muscles after a long, tiring day and all the makeup gets removed. Cool huh?

Now on to the cleansing properties. I don't like using this cream as a cleanser, as it does not leave my face feeling clean. However, I think its because the cream is very moisturising, so it moisturises more than it cleanses? I recommend this cleansing cream to those who have dry skin, as it really moisturises your face while cleansing and removing makeup. After all, the more moisture the merrier. However, as I have oily skin, I prefer having a squeaky clean face after cleansing. I always use my foam cleanser to cleanse my face after using this cleansing cream.

Huge amount of pure, white cream. Looks so yummy! :)

Swatch, the cream feels very soft.

The cream is very gentle on your face, and its very very moisturising. The aloe tea one that I own does not smell like aloe vera at all, but its still a pleasant scent. I can't remember what scent this reminds me of... Anyway, I took a sniff at all the 3 different creams at the Etude House store, and milk tea smells the best. Its a very sweet smell, I'm sure everyone will like it. :)

Etude House is ever as generous with their products, and there is 180ml of cream in this cute mug! That's a lot of product for a cleanser-makeup remover. Best thing is, the cream costs only $7.90 ($6.22 USD). I love this cream, and its a must buy item for me. Its very soothing on my face, and I love how this cream feels when I am using it to massage my face. I simply prefer using a cleansing cream as a makeup remover to a liquid-watery based makeup remover. Those liquid kinds don't allow me to massage my face properly to remove my makeup.

Tried it? Share your thoughts! :)

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