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Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Cotton Fit review

Dear Beauty Diary,
Etude House has been famous for many reasons, but I think their BB creams play a big factor in making Etude House what it is today. Etude House has many BB creams, and their latest one is in Cotton Fit, designed to feel as soft and light as cotton on your skin in this hot summery weather. I got it at an affordable price of $25.90 ($20.71 USD). Plus point is that this BB cream has SPF30, and has 60ml worth of BB product. I find it troublesome to apply sunscreen, so with SPF built in Etude House's BB cream, you can save money and time by not applying sunscreen. Many BB creams come in miserable sizes of 15-25ml, and they costs around the same price or more. And yet they do not deliver spectacular results.

There are a total of 3 shades for this BB cream - light beige, natural beige and honey beige. I got honey beige, as many Etude House face products are targeted at very fair skinned people. Etude House is as hygienic as ever, and their famous pumps appear yet again in this BB cream.

I transferred the BB cream into this little container, as I want to carry it around with me. I want my bag to be as light as possible. :)

Product description:
This all-day pearly bright skin BB Cream perfectly glides onto skin providing clear and bright complexion with a smooth, cotton-like powdery finish for flawless skin.
It has UV protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.
Its also a mineral BB cream, without parabens and some of those harmful stuff.

A little goes a long way, I only need one pump for my whole face. I mean, I don't want to pile my face with foundation or BB cream in this hot weather. I live in the tropics, so its hot everyday in the whole year. I apply BB cream the bubzbeauty way. (I love her!) I apply one pump or half a pump onto my palm, rub together for 3 seconds, clap 4 times, then even it out on my face.

I realise that this BB cream has a foundation like consistency. This BB cream has medium to full coverage, but I think it depends, especially via the way you apply it. For me, it has sheer and light coverage, as I apply it via the bubzbeauty way. If you want more coverage, just build it up, and it'll still look natural on your face.

What I really like about this BB cream is that its more water-based that cream-based. I personally do not like to apply cream based products to my face. I have oily skin and creamy stuff will just clog up my pores. There is no particular scent to this BB cream. I just feel that it smells like any other normal liquid foundation.

This BB cream is supposed to be matte, as can be seen from the product description. I think its more of a normal BB cream, its not matte nor is it dewy, it just shows your natural skin condition. My face looks a little dewy with this BB cream on, as I have oily skin. I suggest dusting a light layer of loose translucent powder on to keep the shine at bay.

This BB cream has good wear time, so there is no need for touch ups. And yes, this BB cream is moisturising, and does a good job of covering up blemishes like redness and pimples. Oh, this BB cream does not appear grey and ashy if you apply too much, so building up is much more comfortable. Its really easy to blend too.

Overall, this BB cream is a better than average BB cream, but not one of the best out there. To give it credit, I also feel that its much better than many other BB creams, which have an ashy undertone, or makes your skin look too white, or has such a jelly-consistency that is hard to blend. Mineral products are always a plus too.

Looking for an affordable and good BB cream? Try Etude House's Precious Mineral Cotton Fit!

Which do you prefer, Etude House's BB or CC cream?

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