Saturday, 22 June 2013

Etude House I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have a mist review today. You guessed it, its from Etude House. This mist is available in 3 different formulas. Canola Honey gives moisture, Essential Flower gives brightening, and Pure Green Tea is for sebum control. I have combination oily to dry skin, but I don't like buying stuff that is specially made for controlling oil. I prefer buying stuff that gives me moisture. Next, Green Tea is fairly easy to make, and I apply a self-made green tea mask once a week. So I got the Canola Honey one.

Take a look!

Product description:
This deep moisture mist provides instant hydrating relief to skin, locking in long-lasting vital moisture.
With ingredients that strengthen skin's natural vitality, this mist helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.
Contains 81.9% of Honey Extract that delivers deep, rich moisture and nourishment to skin.
[Directions] Frequently spray evenly onto face whenever skin care is needed.
Leave at least a 20cm distance from face when spraying.

I prefer to spray at a much closer distance. Say around 5cm. Then I pat the mist into my face. I feel that I get more moisture like that. The mist leaves a slightly sticky feeling behind, but this is much better than having a greasy feeling. It feels very refreshing and light on my skin, leaving a cool feeling behind and nicely prepping it for moisturizer.

The salesgirl at Etude House also told me that this mist is a toner and moisturizer all in one. How cool is that? So if you want to save money, you can just buy this instead of buying a toner plus moisturizer. Hahaha. This mist comes in a huge size of 150ml, and only costs $18 ($14.12 USD). But I've already bought a toner and moisturizer before hand, so I use this mist after toner and before moisturizer. On those busy days where I have no time for skin care, I simply spritz this on after cleansing. After all, its supposed to be an all in one product. ^_^

However, I don't suggest using this mist to set your makeup. I think this mist was made more for skin care, so even though this is a fine mist, one pump delivers quite a good amount. Your makeup may slip and slide when you spray too much of this mist. Best to use during skin care.

This mist is also pretty concentrated. The product description says it has 81.9% of honey extract. I did a test and sprayed this mist onto my hand. Among the clear watery solution, I see a collection of light powdery flower extract in the middle. So Etude House does not lie. I can't take a photo of it, as the powdery substance does not show on camera.

Due to its strong concentration, I can smell a very slight natural fragrant flower smell in it. I don't know what flower this smells like, but it has a flowery scent. Maybe its canola honey, just like what Etude House named this mist.

This mist is also organic, as it has a stamp called "7 Free". These 7 harmful chemicals are used in most skincare products, as they are cheap solvents or cheap preservatives. I don't know what these 7 chemicals are, as they are listed in Korean on the packaging. However, its always a plus to have organic products.

Overall, I am very happy to have picked up this mist. Its so easy to use, and has done whatever it claims to do. Its for a decent price too, considering how well it has done its job and how much product there is in this bottle. Do try it, this mist is a nice one to have in your skin care collection. ^_^

Highly recommended and approved! ^_^

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