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Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette (eyeshadow quads) review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I'm going to review 2 eyeshadow quads from Silkygirl today. There are some occasions when me and my friends have to wear makeup for some events. Many of my classmates and friends love Silkygirl and own many of its products, because they are super affordable and have a certain quality. After hearing so much from my friends, of course I couldn't resist and ended up getting not one but 2 of their eyeshadow quads. I am going to sell the Pastel coloured palette, since I don't use colourful eye shadows. Read the bottom of this entry if you are interested in the palette!

The pastel quad here is closer to reality than the next photo

After flipping open the cover. The neutral quad here is closer to reality than the first photo.

I love browns, creams and neutrals, and when I saw how adorable the colour combination of Silkygirl's neutral palette was, I just had to get it. The neutral palette is called Classic Chic, and it is timeless. The shades include a cream champagne colour, a copper fawn colour, a coffee brown colour, and a dark chocolate brown colour. The colours are so suited to each other, and creates a very sweet look, especially with the copper shade twinkling on my eyelids. This copper shade has more elements of brown mixed in it, so instead of the cold hard feel that metals give, this copper becomes warm, sweet and girly. The cream champagne shade is more towards the cream side than the champagne side. More elements of sweetness here! It pairs perfectly with the copper shade. Both darker browns are different, yet both work equally well with the 2 lighter shades. You can choose to use both shades together for adding depth, or just choose one of them. The effect of all the shades working together is super pretty. :)

The colours are also more towards the matte side. But each shade contains lots of super super fine glitter pigments, so even though the colours look professional and matte from afar, when you take a closer look, you'll notice the fine shimmers subtlety twinkling on your eyelids. You'll get a nice surprise there.

Even though Classic Chic is a neutral palette, I don't suggest using it to fill in your brows. Unless your brows are of such colours, which is quite rare. For contouring the nose, any of the 2 darker shades will work.

The other palette I got is named Simply Pastel, and lives true to its name. The palette includes a grey-white shade, a bright tiffany blue shade, a warm but bright purple shade, and a bright pink shade. Please excuse me there, I am bad at describing colourful colours. >.< I am not a fan of colourful eye makeup, so I don't really know how to create a look with this palette. But the pink, purple and grey can definitely work together. The grey and blue will create a nice, soft look. :) Even though I am not a fan of colourful eye makeup, I still got this palette as it has 4 bright colours together, and can allow me to play with different looks. However, I never dared to wear it out, so Simply Pastel has been sitting in my drawer.

Silkygirl has updated its Blockbuster Colour Palettes, and Classic Chic is part of this new palette series. I have never tried the old ones, but these new ones are of superb quality. The pigments are super creamy and soft, and glide on easily. Blending and shading is a joy with these palettes too. They don't crease with time, nor do they apply dry and patchy. The colour does fade with time though. There is also no fragrance in these eyeshadows.

These eyeshadows don't last for a very long time. It lasts for around 4 hours, before the colour fades off a little. Touch-ups are required, but I don't mind, since the eyeshadow pigments are of such high quality.

I am pleasantly surprised that such good quality palettes can be sold for such a cheap price. I got both of them at a sale in Watsons. Classic Chic costs around $15 ($11.83 USD) originally, but I got it at around $12 ($9.46 USD). I got Simply Pastel in a jumbo set, so I'm not sure about the exact price, but I suspect it costs around the same as Classic Chic. These prices are already considered as very cheap in my country, as most drugstore products already cost $20 plus. Sigh, getting cosmetics in Asia is really expensive, unless your country is producing those products. An example is South Korea, where all the fantastic Korean brands are so cheap in their country, and expensive in ours.

Anyway, I have good news! I will be conducting another sale, and I'll be selling Silkygirl's Blockbuster Colour Palette in Simply Pastel. I don't really wear colourful eye makeup on a usual basis, as I feel that I don't pull off the look well. Original price sold in stores is around $15 ($11.83 USD). The price I'll be selling it for: $6.00 ($4.73 USD). If you're interested, you can drop me an email at, or simply leave a comment. Here's my blogshop, where you can find more sales and products: beautyandmysunglasses3.blogspot.

Simply Pastel with the cover on

Simply Pastel with the cover flipped open

The applicator from Simply Pastel

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