Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I recommend Teens' Nature and Sukin

Dear Beauty Diary,
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! >.< Have been trying and testing out some new products for quite a while. Today's entry will be about some 2 brand recommendations from me.

For all you teenagers out there, I hope you understand that adult-range skincare (including BB and CC cream) is not suitable for your skin. This is because there are too much "nutrients" infused in these products, which is way too strong for your young skin, and continuous usage (few usage for those with sensitive skin) may result in blemishes, red pigments, breakouts, and all things bad. Adult-range skincare also causes your skin to age faster! :( Teenagers should use products that are more natural and mild to keep skin healthy. I found out a great brand from South Korea for you teens. Its Teens' Nature, a skincare company that uses very organic compounds in their products, with a wide range of flowers and vegetable extracts, such as broccoli, mushroom, almond, vanilla, lotus, etc, included in their products. Sounds good right? And the products are fairly cheap too, they are all priced around $15 each. ^_^ However, the catch is that you have to order online. I think ibuybeauti.com is very reliable and sells a wide range (if not full range) of Teens' Nature skincare. One of my favourite South Korean singers/actresses/models, Bae Suzy from Miss A, uses Teens' Nature! ^_^ She is the ambassador of the brand, but she herself believes in the products. I highly encourage you teens to try out Teens' Nature if you are interested in skincare.

Suzy with Cocktail cream from Teens' Nature

For everyone (no matter your age) who wishes to use more organic skincare products, take note of this~ 100% organic products are very very expensive, and those who wish to own organic products may feel disappointed. Not to fret! There are many skincare lines out there who sell mostly organic products. To you people who love organic products but are a little tight on your budget, these mostly organic products are better than 0% organic products. There are many drugstores around, and I feel that among all of them, Unity has the most range of organic products. When you compare the products that Unity puts up to sell, you'll realise that they are very different from those of Watsons and Guardian. The latter offers a huge range of products, maybe that's why they are preferred over Unity. However, Unity selects the more organic kind of products for sale. Examples inlcude Cetaphil, Steamcream, Hada Labo, Phsiogel, and more.

After pouring through the ingredient lists of all these mainly organic products, I found out that Sukin, an Australian skincare brand, has the most organic ingredients! I tried on their moisturizer tester, and man it works amazing. It has a very distinct smell (I've never come across it from other brands), and is a lightweight gel type of lotion. It softens skin very well too, and provides a huge load of moisture. Looking at their ingredient list, I was surprised to find how much flower extracts were included. You can check out the ingredients from Sukin's website, sukinorganics.com. I'm super excited to try out Sukin's products! Great news, each product is priced around $15. After saving enough money, I shall get the toner and moisturizer (click on the links for my reviews~) from Sukin. After testing it out for a week or so, I shall do a review on it, so stay tuned! :)

Close up view of Sukin's moisturizer

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