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Maybelline Mineral Pure Concealer review

Dear Beauty Diary,
Sorry for the lack of updates! >.< Going to kick start more reviews with a concealer from Maybelline~ I got this quite a while ago, so I forgot how much it actually cost. All drugstore makeup in my country is expensive, because of the shipping fees I guess. So this concealer cost about $14 ($11 USD). I'm not sure how much product there is in it, since I don't see the grams anywhere on the product. There are 2 shades for this concealer, no. 1 in Light and no. 2 in Natural. Since this is a concealer, it should be about 1-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, depending on your preference. Therefore, I got shade 1 in Light. This concealer is in a liquid form, and as a liquid concealer, I think it works really great. Psst, this concealer is a great dupe to the Shu Uemura one, they work really similar!

I don't see any product description on the packaging, so sorry I can't provide information on that. I shall just write what it says on the bottle.
Pure Concealer Mineral, Healthy Natural Concealer, with micro-minerals.

This concealer comes in a little tube. The cap is a screw-off lid, where you will find an applicator attached. I'm fine with this packaging, as you can dab the concealer directly onto your face without using your hands. However, you need a brush or your hands to blend out the concealer. Plus points for hygienic packaging, since this is so much better than the product being stored in a tin or pot. Even though it does not come in a pump form (which I feel is the packaging that would offer the most in terms of hygiene), not many concealers come in a pump form, as there's only a little product for each concealer.

Here's the applicator, the concealer is in a liquid form

In terms of application, a little goes a long way. I only need 3 dabs for each of my dark eye circles. When I applied more than 3 dabs for each dark eye circle, I ended up having so much product, I had to blend it to my cheekbones, and I was left with a super pale cheeks. I feel that you can use this concealer on any part of your face, but I think that cream concealers would work best, as it provides more coverage.

Its really up to you to pick which type of concealer you want. Liquid for less coverage, but has easier application and requires easy blending; cream for more coverage, but you really have to blend it out, and I find blending creams a bother, as they are quite hard to blend. Rubbing your eyes are bad, because you introduce bacteria to your eyes, and also tug on the fragile skin there at the same time, leaving you with an earlier development of wrinkles and lines. So I like using this concealer on my dark eye circles, as it greatly lessens the chances of you having to tug on your skin the way you have to to blend out cream concealers. 

I like to blend this concealer with my hands better, as the heat from your fingers will melt the concealer, giving you flawless and natural looking skin. With a brush, the stray hairs would create streaks and cause an uneven application to your face. That's what I feel at least.

This concealer is quite buildable. Why quite? Because you have to wait for the concealer to settle on your skin, before you can apply another layer on top. If you just apply layers over layers, you will have to keep blending, and you will end up with a face full of concealer. Wait for it to settle (or sort of dry to a matte finish) before applying another layer.

Somehow, I realised that this concealer has yellow undertones. But I'm Asian, so this works well with my skin. If you have pink undertones, you can try other concealers I guess.

This concealer has a runny texture, and dries down to a matte finish. Its super runny, with no sort of consistency of any kind, nor does it have a gel or cream type of texture. Its also very lightweight.

This concealer has good coverage, and is definately buildable. It may appear quite sheer at first, but you can build it up for more coverage. Hmm there is no SPF in this product. But since most people apply foundation or BB cream, those will provide your SPF, so all's well.

I don't think this concealer is very oily. I mean, it doesn't break me out, nor does it dry out my skin. It also does not have those irritating gritty particles when I'm trying to blend it out, so less chances of skin inflammation, especially if you have sensitive skin. I don't feel that this concealer is very moisturising, but good enough, since I don't get flaky or dry skin after application. Maybelline dubs this as a natural and mineral concealer, which, of course, is really great.

Maybe its my nose, but this is weird. This concealer smells of strawberries dipped into cream. O.o I mean, it definitely smells like Maybelline's liquid foundation, but I also detect a sweet, delicious smell in it. Its not very strong, nor is it very sweet. But I love this faintly sweet smell! Haha or maybe its just my nose that's tricking me.

Hope my little entry has given you some insights on how to pick a concealer. And if you liked what I've described about the Maybelline concealer, why not give it a try? :)

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