Sunday, 2 June 2013

Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I am here with a review from Skin Food, a famous Korean cosmetics and skincare brand! I'm going to talk about their Fresh Apple line, which is targeted at people who have oily skin and large pores. Previously, i had no idea what an emulsion was, and there was no emulsion step in my skin care routine. After some reading up, I realised how important an emulsion was. Basically, after applying emulsion, it will lock in whatever other skincare products you place on your face. Cool right? ^_^

Many people think emulsion is not necessary, as they think that toner does the same thing. No, toner simply allows your skin to absorb the other products, however, toner does not guarantee to retain in these products.

Firstly, I have good news for everyone. I am going to sell one of my bottles of Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion, for a discount. 160ml really is a lot of product, and I would like to actually try as many different skincare products as I can. If you don't already own this emulsion, you can consider buying it from me. Original price: $35.00 ($27.58 USD). The price I'm selling at: $20.00 ($15.77 USD). It'll be up on beautyandmysunglasses3.blogspot, which is my blogshop.

Moving on to the review. Skin Food's emulsion from the Fresh Apple line is the most lightweight emulsion that Skin Food has ever produced. Best of all, this emulsion is water-based. I recommend people with oily skin to use water-based moisturizers and emulsions. They are not as rich or heavy as cream/milk based moisturizers/emulsions, which will clog up your pores. This means formation of pimples. :( Water-based moisturizers/emulsions are very dewy and light, thus providing moisture but does not clog up pores, due to the huge amount of water in them. ^_^ This emulsion gets absorbed into my skin really really quickly, so you can layer your other skincare products on once you finish applying it.

This emulsion also tightens your pores. Which is very good, since oily skin usually comes with large pores. Green Apple extract and carbonated water is in this emulsion, which helps to tighten the pores. The salesgirl at the Skin Food outlet kept stressing to me how all the ingredients used are very organic, and I was so taken in by her and the wonderful Skin Food formula, I bought 2 of these bottles. Each bottle is actually 160ml, which is a lot, and can be used for a long time.

As for design, I must say that the bottle is so adorable. Its made of glass and is quite heavy. Hehe when I finish using up the bottle, I feel like washing it and using it as a water bottle. Take a look at the bottle for yourself!

Cute little design

See how dewy it is? Packed full of water and moisture

Blotter paper test! Oil content shows how moisturising it is

Ok that's all for this entry. I have another review of Skin Food coming up soon! It'll be on one of their cleansers. :) Have you tried this emulsion? Its awesome right? I really like it. :)

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