Friday, 14 June 2013

Etude House CC Cream review

Dear beauty diary,
I finally brought myself to buy Etude House's CC Cream. I really wanted to try out The Face Shop's CC cream as I've read many good reviews on it, but its priced at $49 ($39.17 USD) for only 20ml, which is really out of my budget. I don't wear makeup that often, so i decided to get a good and affordable CC cream. It has more skincare benefits that a BB cream, however, it does not have as heavy a coverage as a BB cream.

At first I was really excited about this CC cream, as I always trust Etude House. I have this weird habit of getting one or two samples of the product I buy. Then I'll try on the samples, and if I don't like it, I'll go exchange the product. But I've only exchanged one product before. Sadly, its the Etude House CC cream. Ok I'll go into details about the CC cream now.

At the shop, I tried on both formulas, the Glow and Silky. Glow is much creamier, and it takes a much longer time than Silky to blend out. So I got Silky. Etude House gives really good samples with lots of product in them. Each sample can last me for about 3 applications. So I wore Silky for 3 days, but I still found nothing to like about this CC cream.

The CC cream is white, as with most CC creams, and will blend to your skin tone with time. However, this CC cream is meant for really fair skin, as it looked really white on my skin. I know I am not applying too much, as I managed to use the sample for 3 whole days. To be fair, the CC cream did oxidise to become a darker colour. I guess this was the CC cream's effort match my skin tone. I have skin that's somewhere around normal to tan. But the CC cream could not blend to my skin tone fully, it still appeared peachy white on my skin.

And next, this CC cream is not hydrating at all. It made my face feel really itchy and dry, and I don't fancy such products. This has no smell too. I was quite surprised here, as most of Etude House's products have a really sweet and delicious smell. This cream comes in a pump, which is pretty hygienic. And like most of Etude House's products, this cream is pretty affordable. Its $25.90 ($20.71 USD) for 35ml. It also has SPF30.

That's all for my review on Etude House's CC cream. I found it quite disappointing. However, as this is Etude House's first ever CC cream, I suppose there is still room for improvement. Don't get me wrong here, I love Etude House. Its affordable, cute, of great quality... well, you get the picture. I shall be happily awaiting for the next release of Etude House's CC cream. And once it's out, I shall get it. :) I hope it'll be an improved formula.

Oh, now for what i exchanged this CC cream for. I swapped it for their latest BB cream in Cotton Fit. Its 60ml for the same price. There was also this promotion where you'll get a free mini BB cream brush when you purchase their latest BB cream. I am absolutely loving this BB cream, and I shall be reviewing it after a few more times of wearing it. :)

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