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Cure Natural Aqua Gel (exfoliator) review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have an awesome product to share about that is widely loved by many! Its Cure, a famous Japanese exfoliator. Now, this exfoliator is a little on the expensive side. But I still think its very worth it, since this exfoliator contains 250g of product, and one pump is about 1g, so this exfoliator will last you for a long time! ^_^ I got this in Watsons for $49 ($38.48 USD). This exfoliator comes in only one type. Usually, you see brands that give a whole choice of moisturizers, toners, cleansers, exfoliators, etc, stating things like "for dry skin", "for oily skin", "for trouble skin", etc. However, there is only one type of this exfoliator, and its supposed to work for all skin types. For my combination normal-oily skin, I find that it works really well.

First up, in case anyone doesn't know what's an exfoliator or why its good to exfoliate, I shall do a little introduction on that. With exposure to the sun (or basically any other factors), your dead skin cells will form a hard layer at the outermost layer of your skin. There's nothing bad about this, the dead skin cells are protecting you from UV rays and all. However, if you wanna look pretty... Exfoliate using an exfoliator to get rid of this upper layer, which reveals the new and young layer of skin beneath it, which is very fresh and looks wonderful. Then use sunscreen instead to protect your skin from UV rays of the sun. So much effort for beauty, but we girls still do it. An exfoliator, as you can guess, aids in removing the upper layer of skin.

Now that you know more about exfoliators and exfoliating, take a look at the Cure Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator!

Very simple packaging and hygienic packaging, everything to love about.

The product description is all in Japanese, so I can't provide much information, so sorry about that. >.< From what I can read in Japanese though (picked a little Japanese up from watching anime), I know that the product is made up of 90% hydrogenated water, natural ingredients, and there is no added colour or fragrance.

To use, wash face and towel dry. Best to be used twice a week, and this exfoliator can be used on the whole body. Be careful not to get the exfoliator into your eyes, if it does, wash out immediately. Don't store in high temperatures. If allergies occur, stop usage. Umm I think it says best to finish using within 6 months.
Whew, reading all that Japanese and trying to figure out what it meant was tough. All that information is based on words that I can read, so of course there are some things that I didn't address, because I don't recognise all the words.

The packaging is very simple, but its really the best form of packaging for this product. The product has a jelly-water base, not really like the gel that the product description claims to have. This would be totally unpractical in a squeeze tube, because everything would keep leaking out. In a pot? No way, since its so hard to scoop it out, as the product is watery. But remember to clean the remaining product off the pump after every usage. Because when in contact with air, the gel hardens, thus clogging the mouth of the pump.

This gel is quite watery, and has a sort of jelly texture to it. Its also sort of an opaque white colour. I think the product description says that you need to rub it into your skin gently for about a minute. When I tried that out, small white balls appeared, and apparently, that's your dead skin cells. What I love about this exfoliator is that its made for even sensitive skin, because its 90% hydrogenated water (which just means that its water based, and that water makes up most of this product), and unlike so many scrubs and exfoliators which contains micro beads for exfoliating, this exfoliator does not contain any of that.

Normal exfoliators have chemicals which work by dissolving protein in your skin to remove the outermost layer of skin. This is actually very harsh and bad for your skin! Can you bear having all your essential proteins on your face and skin being dissolved? No way, so I got this exfoliator, since it works by lumping all your dead skin cells together, which forms the upper layer of your skin. Oh by the way, micro beads in normal exfoliators are bad for people with large pores, acne and sensitive skin. The beads irritate the pores and cause them to expand. The beads also irritate pimples and cause them to pop sometimes, which is bad too, as the bacteria is exposed and it'll spread around, causing even more pimples. For those with sensitive skin, allergies and inflammation may occur.

Basically, here's the difference between the Cure Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator and normal exfoliators.
Normal exfoliators work by using chemicals to dissolve your upper layer of skin. This means the good and fresh skin cells, along with the dead skin cells, are removed and damaged.
Cure exfoliator works by lumping all your upper skin layer dead skin cells together. Then you wash off the residue, which is your dead skin cells.
Conclusion, Cure is a much healthier and safer choice.

When I use this exfoliator, I always pump 2 pumps for my face. I apply small dabs to different parts of my face, before gently massaging with my fingertips. Since this exfoliator is quite pricey, I don't think I can afford to use it on my whole body. So I usually pump an extra pump, the third pump, for any other parts of my body that has loads of dead skin cells (usually my heels). I use it twice a week, and its really effective for getting rid of my dead skin cells. Oh, remember to wash your face with warm water after exfoliating!

This is an exfoliator, you won't expect moisturising abilities from it. I really don't know how to tell the moisturing ability of this exfoliator. I mean, I won't leave it on my face for a long period of time. But it doesn't dry me out at all, so it should be fine.

There's absolutely no scent to this product. The product description already said that there are no added fragrances.

Tried the Cure Natural Aqua Gel exfoliator? Share your thoughts!

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