Monday, 23 September 2013

The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Butter review

Dear Beauty Diary,
Look at this cute little pot of honey. Just look at it. Isn't it simply adorable? ^_^ Its the new limited edition Honeymania Lip Butter from The Body Shop! This lip butter consists of 10ml, or 9g, which I think is a super huge size for a lip butter. However, it costs $10.90 ($8.71 USD), which is pretty expensive for a lip balm. I guess its worth it though, since you get such a huge lot of product.

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You should have guessed by now, I totally love the packaging of this lip butter. Its such a small pot, but it contains so much product, and has such a beautiful vibrant shade of orange-yellow. Perfect for dumping into your purse (and showing it off, haha). Doesn't the honeycomb on top of it look so enticing? Yums. The cons of having the product in a tub is that contamination can occur easily. But the good thing about a tub is that you can use up every single bit of product in it.

Since the tub does not have any product description, I got one off The Body Shop website:
This luxuriously sweet lip butter contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. It has a sweet, floral scent and leaves lips feeling kissably soft.
  • Sweet, floral scent
  • For softer-feeling lips

How the lip butter looks like. However, it is of a lighter golden shade in reality.

This lip butter is unlike the other lip butters that The Body Shop has produced. Even though The Body Shop calls this a lip butter, and groups it under the other lip butters it has produced, I personally feel that this is a lip balm. It has a harder texture that is more like a balm compared with the other more buttery lip butters. It is also clear, instead of the white colour of the other lip butters. While the other lip butters leave a white opaque layer on my lips, this lip butter applies on clearly, and has a beautiful lip gloss finish. I love the Honeymania lip butter much more than the average lip butters The Body Shop produces.

The lip butters and the tinted lip balms of The Body Shop have dried out my lips. My lips were left totally sapped of moisture. They made my lips flake out, and I could actually peel off the hardened layers of dead skin cells from my lips. It was so gross. It took days of using my toothbrush to exfoliate my lips to get it back to its original condition. I am so disappointed with The Body Shop lip butters and tinted lip balms. It was especially disheartening, since the Shea butter lip butter smelled like vanilla pudding and all sorts of sweet desserts, and yet it was so drying. And even though they smelt really good, they tasted horrible. :(

I was really shocked by the Honeymania lip butter, since it has a different formula that is packed with honey, and does not dry out my lips at all. I love it. It has a hard texture, so its pretty hard to get it out of the pot. I use a cotton bud (Q-tip) to scoop it out, before applying onto my lips. It smells and tastes exactly like honey, people, not kidding here. The honey is of supreme quality, and tastes so good and sweet, I always end up licking off the excess lip butter I applied. I know you're not supposed to consume it, but its so hard to resist. It tastes delicious. If only The Body Shop sold edible honey, I would go and buy some jars, since the honey in the lip balm tasted so good.

This is a moisturising lip balm, but it does not provide a whole ton of moisture. It moisturises my lips and leaves it soft and supple, which suits my needs. I don't have very chapped lips (not counting the times when The Body Shop lip butters and tinted lip balms dried and chapped them out), so I can't tell if this lip balm helps if you have very chapped lips.

Usually, brands do not suddenly go about totally changing the formula of a product. Because that would mean a lot of money invested into the research, and changing its image, etc. Advertisements that say products have made significant changes are just advertisements. Changes are made, but the base structure is still there. Which means that if you don't like the old product, it'll be very hard to like the new product. So here are 2 reasons for why I think The Body Shop's Honeymania lip butter has a totally different feel to it:
1. The original formula is still there, but the ingredients are present in lower concentrations or in lesser amounts, since there is a lot of honey in this lip butter. On your lips, you can totally taste the honey.
2. After receiving feedback and realising half its customers don't like the formula, The Body Shop really went to make changes to the formula of the lip butter.

I can't think of any other reasons, and this is just my guess, they may not be true at all. However, no hard feelings, I love the Honeymania lip butter, and am using it daily. I am just surprised at the different texture and moisturising abilities.

You can apply as much of this lip butter as you want. Just don't keep licking your lips if you apply too much. Who can resist the taste of honey on your lips for hours? Yes, this lip balm takes about half an hour to sink in. However, even though majority of it sinks in, not all of it sinks in, which leaves a delicious honey taste behind. I like lathering it on in the morning and at night.

Ok that's all for this review. I know there are many out there who have experienced the same problem with the other ranges of The Body Shop lip butters. You may dislike those lip butters, but give this little honey pot a try. Its so delicious, and the formula is so good. Its different from the other lip butters. Tried it? Do share!


Tasha Barry said...
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Tasha Barry said...

Oh I just love this lip balm, did you know you could get a free tub of it? But you gotta be with O2, found it here the other day has to be strawberry though, love it.