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The Body Shop Pinita Colada body butter review

Dear Beauty Diary,

After such a long hiatus on my blog, I am finally back into the blogging world! Did you guys miss me haha. Anyway, I am back with a more HD camera, so better photos for you guys. *celebrates* I am also trying to take prettier pictures with a nicer background, so maybe you can tell me what you think about the updates in the blog? :)

Ok anyway, moving on to the main part of this post - The Body Shop Pinita Colada body butter. The Body Shop Pinita Colada range has 4 products - body butter, body scrub, shower gel and body sorbet. I only got the body butter and body scrub. Click here to read my review on the Pinita Colada body scrub. :)

I dislike shower gels from The Body Shop, as they are "soap free", but this means that you're left with a thin layer of the shower gel on your skin even after rinsing. This thin layer is supposed to be moisturising, but you showered with it, its meant to be rinsed off. The ingredients in it are also meant to be washed off, I don't feel so comfortable leaving it on my skin. >.< I also didn't get the body sorbet, as the ingredients in it are so dubious. Sorry if I'm offending anyone, this blog has a focus on products that use quality natural ingredients. Among the first 3 ingredients, PEG-8 appears. PEGs are really bad for your body guys. Do you really want to moisturise your body with synthetic chemicals produced in a lab, or use natural oils derived from nature.

Do you guys like cocktails? I know I love a pina colada. ;) What better way to celebrate my favourite cocktail by slathering myself in it. The Body Shop Pinita Colada body butter costs $30.90 ($22.99 USD). It comes in a standard sized tub of 200ml. This is going to last you a long time haha.

Pretty packaging, describes a pina colada perfectly - a mix of pineapple and coconut!

Here is the description of the product from The Body Shop:

Smooth on sunshine with PiƱita Colada Body Butter. With a deliciously tropical scent this rich yet lightweight cream intensely hydrates skin for 24 hours making it the perfect post-beach body treat.
  • For normal to dry skin
  • 24 hour hydration
  • Deliciously tropical scent
The Body Shop Pinita Colada range was made for summer weather, and so the body butter is very light and runny. It jiggles around in the pot when you shake it. Its definitely one of the lightest body butters by The Body Shop. Second lightest in my opinion. Lightest will definitely be The Fuji Green Tea body butter. The body butter is very light and smooth, so its really easy to remove it from the pot and to spread it over your body. It spreads really easily, unlike some of the others like the Argan Oil body butter that takes some time to work into your skin.

Really light, jiggly texture.

You don't really need much product to cover your entire body. Just a thin film is enough in my opinion. However, this product sinks in pretty quickly, but my skin is still left supple and soft even after the product has sunk in. The Body Shop also claims that this product provides 24h moisture, so that's good news. I did not experience any dry patches or itchness after applying this product, so it works! As long as you have normal to dry skin, this product should moisturise well enough for you. Its summer, you don't want your body to feel all sticky with body butter out in the sun. Urrgh that feeling.

However, if you have really dry skin, get another body butter instead. And no, this product isn't suitable for winter, it sinks in way too quickly to be suitable for the harsher winter climate. Get the Argan Oil one for winter. :) Hehe I really like the Argan Oil one for colder weather, its so luxurious.

Scent wise, its a straight up pina colada. Lovely scent. Like all The Body Shop products, the scent is really strong and anyone in the same room as you can smell you. That is a good thing in my opinion, they will come up to compliment you on your fragrance choice. ;) Its a lovely blend of juicy coconut with strong hints of pineapple. Its a very tropical fragrance, and reminds me of a beach vacation.

 If you like pina coladas, and you like moisturing your body, get this body butter. ^_^

What are your opinions on The Body Shop Pinita Colada range? Drop me a comment, I would love to know! :)

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