Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Mask (Cucumber) review

Dear Beauty Diary,

Today I shall review sheet masks from Innisfree! Sheet masks are the craze in Asia and even more popular than the masks that come in jars. In fact, a few years ago, I thought that sheet masks were the only type of masks for a long time, hehehe. Anyway, sheet masks are a great pick me up for your skin. I use them once a week. I have tried sheet masks from a few different brands, but I was just meh with them. Nothing that made me want to repurchase. Until I found the Innisfree sheet masks!

Innisfree has a few different ranges of sheet masks, but I shall be reviewing the sheet masks from the Its Real Squeeze Mask line. They have many different fruits, berries and herbs, such as Aloe Vera, Honey, Bija, Kiwi, Strawberry, etc. You will definitely find one that suits your skin! I've used up my Rose and Tea Tree ones, so I'm left with this cucumber one to review. Its quite affordable, at $2 for each mask. The mask comes dripping with serum, there's 20ml worth of serum packed into each mask. So much serum that you don't need to worry about your face drying out with the mask on, even if you have dry skin.

One of the top ingredients in the mask is glycerin, so it makes your skin very supple and moisturised. The mask is also very cooling and refreshing on the skin. Results last for a whole day! Your skin just feels so rich and moisturised after using the mask. I have never used a mask that gives me such results before, most masks leave a gel type serum after use. The Innisfree masks seem to leave a cream type serum after use, it is very thick and rich. Super moisturising and I love it.

Ingredient list.

Downside to the product is that all the masks from the Its Real Squeeze Mask line contains alcohol and butylene glycol as one of the top ingredients. I have found that the only masks that do not contain alcohol is the Shea Butter and Rice masks. I have quite sensitive skin, so the alcohol tingles my face. Also, pure alcohol smells terrible. It has a sharp stinging smell. While these masks are scented, the alcohol smell is still overpowering. They smell terrible.

Furthermore, even though there is very little research done on the comedogenic effects of butylene glycol, after years of experimenting, I have discovered that butylene glycol breaks me out. I have read reviews of others breaking out from some of these masks, and I suspect its butylene glycol.

If you do not have sensitive skin, I would recommend using these masks, as the effects are great. Love the glycerin and love how moisturising it is. I still use this mask once a week even though it has butylene glycol, just because I love how soft, plump and moisturised it makes my skin feel. Currently this is my favourite mask, but really wish they would take out the alcohol and butylene glycol. If anyone has masks to recommend that are super moisturising, yet do not contain the 2 ingredients I mentioned above, please say so in the comments, I would love to try! ^_^

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