Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Skincare Routine (Homemade and mostly Organic)

Dear Beauty Diary,
I am always stressing on how it is better to use organic products. I just like taking precautions, and the safer, the better. If you're organic-loving like me, or if you don't have much money to spend on skincare products, continue reading.

100% organic products are very expensive (eg. Suki). So I have settled with almost organic products. However, the safer, the better. After doing some research, I have found out that you can make your own skincare products with natural ingredients. I shall list my homemade skincare products below.

I grab a handful of oats, mix in some water until I get my desired consistency, then rub it on my face. It cleanses nicely by gently exfoliating, and removing excess oil on the skin.

I use a handmade rose water toner with a few drops of essential oils.

Its really easy to make. Just grab a squeeze bottle, wash it thoroughly, fill it up with rose water (rose water is a good and natural astringent), then drop in about 15 to 20 drops of essential oils. I use tea tree essential oil, since it helps with blemishes. However, if you plan to use peppermint essential oil, just add in about 8 drops, since peppermint is quite strong.

Take note that the total essential oil concentration should not exceed 2%. If not, the essential oils may sting your skin.

If you don't have rose water at hand, pour yourself a cup of hot green tea, wait for it to cool down, transfer it into a squeeze bottle, then store it in the fridge. Use it like a normal toner. You should finish using the green tea toner within 3 weeks.

I use Steamcream. It is full of natural ingredients and essential oils. However, fragrance, methyl and propylparabens are present. The Steamcream website says that they use less than half of the permitted amount for these ingredients, saying that they are present in very small amounts. I don't like the sound of that, but I guess you can't get everything. A tin of Steamcream costs $25.90 (USD $20.68).

I use a bottle of sweet almond oil with a few drops of essential oils.

The oil does sound like it will make your skin really oily. I use 2 drops on my face. It does not make you look very oily, in fact, it calms down your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce oil), leaving your skin looking very healthy.

For those with oily skin
With the needed amount of oil in your skin, your skin will stop producing so much oil. This means that you'll have the solution to less oily skin! ^_^

For those with dry skin
The oil will replenish the needed amount of oil to your skin, thus making your skin look really healthy.

I use a handmade honey oats mask.

1. Place a teaspoon of honey in 5 tablespoons of hot water.
2. Get ready a container with a few tablespoons of oatmeal in it.
3. Pour in the honey water until you get your desired consistency for the mask.
4. Mix well and store refrigerated.

Apply on for 20 minutes. The mask will harden in the process. After 20 minutes, gently drizzle some water onto your face, wet your hands, and gently exfoliate. You can even eat the mask off if you want. Its hard to resist, the mask tastes so sweet and delicious. ^_^

You should finish using this mask within 3 to 4 weeks.

I use a handmade green tea with sugar scrub.

1. Make yourself a cup of hot green tea.
2. Get ready 2 tablespoons of sugar in a container.
3. Add in a tablespoon of green tea.
4. Add in another tablespoon of sugar.
5. Mix well and store refrigerated.

Pick up a small amount with your fingers and gently scrub away. You should finish using this scrub within 3 to 4 weeks.

I use a certified organic lipbalm by Mentholatum. Its $8 (USD $6.39), and it moisturises my lips nicely.

That's all for my homemade and mostly organic skincare routine. All the ingredients used in my homemade skincare products can be readily found in your kitchen, and they are all fairly cheap. Have fun whipping up your own skincare products! ^_^

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