Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I recently bought The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub, since The Body Shop was having a sale. Its originally $30.90 ($24.87 USD), but I got it for 35% off, so it became around $20. I read many reviews about this product, with many people saying that its the best body scrub they've ever tried. Intrigued, I got one for myself (even though I have more than 3 quarters of my The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub left. Review on that soon!).

This body scrub comes in a tub, with 200ml of product. For a scrub, I feel that that's too little, and I have a feeling that I'll be through with it pretty quickly. I use quite a lot of it at one go, so to save money, I can't use it that often. Another thing is that this scrub is in a tub, which means you'll be dipping your wet fingers in. When water comes in contact with the scrub, the scrub will turn into something like a liquid, and it won't be so scrubby anymore. Thus, I transferred some of the scrub into another smaller container to use. That way, my main tub of body scrub won't be contaminated.

A smaller tub which I transferred the scrub into. I don't know if its clear on camera, but the scrub has taken on more of a liquid-type of consistency, since I have been constantly dipping my wet fingers in.

This body scrub is meant for people with very dry skin. I read reviews that mentioned that this scrub is very moisturising. Being lazy, I didn't want to follow up with body butter, since I take such a long time to apply body butter. Thus, I thought that if this scrub is moisturising enough, the moisture from the scrub would suffice, and I would not need to apply body butter afterwards.

To my great disappointment, this scrub is nowhere at all moisturising. I have normal to oily skin, with dry skin on the rare occasion. However, comparing to the Honeymania body scrub (the honeymania one is super moisturising. When water comes into contact with it, the scrub turns into a liquid that is very moisturising and light, while the scrub particles remain scrubby for you to scrub away), this cocoa butter one is totally disappointing in the moisturising aspect. Its very rough and pretty harsh, and the liquid that it turns into when water comes into contact with it is not moisturising at all. Look at the delicious texture of the cocoa butter body scrub. It sure looks really creamy and moisturising, but its not at all.

Sure looks creamy and full of moisture

On The Body Shop website, it says that the cocoa butter body scrub is made up of crushed almond shells, thus it does not dissolve when water comes into contact with the scrub. Ok yes I agree, the whole scrub is packed full of these shells and scrub particles. Because of this, the scrub is really hard to spread out. At first, the scrub spreads fairly easily, but it only spreads a certain amount, before the rest of the scrub becomes really hard to spread. And all these shells and scrub particles make the whole scrub really really scrubby and harsh. When you scrub fast, the part you're scrubbing actually hurts. Thus I have to scrub slowly. But the scrub removes loads of dead skin cells, since after scrubbing, my arms and legs feel really smooth. I feel really pleased with the result, I just wish that the scrub weren't that harsh.

As I've mentioned above, this scrub is not moisturising. However, it does not suck away the moisture from your skin. Its like... It doesn't give or take away any moisture from your skin. Thus, I suggest that those with dry skin follow up with a body butter or lotion.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this scrub. After all, who said that body scrubs were meant to be moisturising? Just follow up with a good body lotion and you should be fine. I have to admit that its a little too harsh for my liking, but with the smooth skin and great results I get, I don't mind. After all, there is a price to pay for beauty, haha. This cocoa butter smells of chocolate too, and after showering, my bathroom smells so delicious.

If you don't mind not having the moisture, and don't mind the scrubby texture, then give this scrub a try!

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