Monday, 6 October 2014

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E & Peppermint review

Dear Beauty Diary,
I have a famous lip balm to review today! Its the all the favourite from Burt's Bees! I couldn't really find Burt's Bees around, so when I spotted it in Sephora, I was going crazy. But the price was really jacked up, sighs. I chose to get the lip balm in tin form, since it has more than double the amount of product for the same price. This tin of 8.5g of lip balm cost $8.00 ($6.44 USD).

Here's the product description:
Our signature Lip Balm formulated with Beeswax to naturally help protect lips, antioxidant Vitamin E to moisturize, and Peppermint Oil to sooth your lips.

Comes in a little tin of 8.5g

While the tin form contains quite a huge lot of product, I find the tin quite troublesome to use. Its quite difficult to open and close it! I have to pry and pry at the tin, which leaves my fingers feeling quite painful. And my nails get chipped opening this tin. That's the main downside of this lip balm for me. What do you feel? Any similar experiences with the tin?

Ingredients, which are mostly organic

It is a white lip balm

Ok this is a little weird, is it just me? I feel that the lip balm can get a little gritty over time. I used it for the first few days and everything went well, it was very smooth and glided nicely across my lips. However, after a few weeks, the lip balm sort of turned *slightly* lumpy. This is worth mentioning, in case this bothers you.

Other than that, this lip balm is great. It has a true peppermint smell, and leaves a refreshing tingly feeling on my lips right after application. The feeling goes away after some time, so don't worry. Sensitive people be careful though, the peppermint may be too strong for your liking, as peppermint is a really strong essential oil.

Its quite moisturising. I don't have very chapped lips at the moment, and after application, my lips look plumped and moisturised. It works! :) You don't really need much product at one go too. Just a swipe with your finger is enough to cover your entire lips and good enough to moisturise well.

However, I noticed that this lip balm takes some time to sink in. I apply it before bed, but I wake up the next morning and realise that there is still some residue left on my lips. Most of the lip balm has sunk in though. Unfortunately, the residue leaves a white cast on my lips... Not the most forgiving thing!

On a whole, I feel that this lip balm is just intermediate, you don't really need it in your life. It does its job, but has some unforgiving points like the nail-chipping tin it comes in, and the white cast it leaves behind. There are many other awesome lip balms out there, so I suggest you give this a pass. >.<

Have you tried the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm?

What are your thoughts? :)

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